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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Request for Introductions - Please, introduceyourself to us!

Alright, my introduction...

Full name: Daniel Carrera
People call me: Daniel

Should this be the organization I work for or the one that is sponsoring 
me to work on the TC?
* I work for a computer company in the United Kingdom called The 
Learning Machine.
* I am being sponsored by the OpenDocument Foundation to be in the TC.

What I do:
I'm a mathematecian by training, but I work as a web developer. My 
employer sells a computer certificate that, among other things, teaches 
about open source. My employer also sponsors me to work on the 
OpenDocument Fellowship during regular hours.

Interest in spreadsheets:
My interest in spreadsheets comes from my wanting to see OpenDocument 
create a level playing field for all competitors. That's the maing goal 
for me. Therefore:

* I want OpenDocument to be complete, and right now it needs a formula 

* I want the formula specification to be /technically/ capable of 
creating free competition (ie. to not disadvantage any player).

* I want the formula specification to be /legally/ capable of creating 
free competition (ie. to not disadvantage any player).

My most relevant expertise is a good mathematics background. I did about 
4 years of graduate work after my original math degree. I am not an 
implementor though.


David A. Wheeler wrote:
> Could everyone on the office-formula mailing list introduce themselves
> to everyone else, by doing a "reply-all" to this email?  Don't introduce
> yourself just to ME... I'd like everyone to know a little about each other.
> I realize many of you know each other anyway, but not everyone does, and
> having it recorded in the OASIS archives will make it easy for
> people to find it later.
> Basically, tell us the name YOU would like to be called, your organization,
> a little about your interests in spreadsheet implementations, and why 
> you're interested in a standard for formulas.  I'd especially like to know if 
> there are any
> particular goals/aspirations you have for the resulting specification.
> If you have any relevant expertise (such as implementor, heavy user,
> strong mathematical expertise, legal knowledge, or standards/OASIS
> procedural knowledge), please let us know that too.  ODF members:
> if you also work with other organizations, feel free to let us know that.
> In PARTICULAR, if you are a developer of one or
> more spreadsheet implementations, or your organization develops
> one or more spreadsheet implementations, please let us
> know what they are.  NOTE: If you or your organization
> develops spreadsheets, saying so does NOT automatically
> commit your organization to a specification. Few people will
> commit to a specification that isn't done!   But it helps to know
> where people are coming from.
> We have a few "Observers".  According to OASIS rule 1n, observers can
> be subscribed to the email list but not "participate" in email list 
> discussions.
> However, unless there's an objection, I'd like to hear self-introductions
> from even the observers (if they're willing). I don't view 
> self-introductions
> as "participation", and it would help to know who everyone is.  If you
> are an observer but want to stay anonymous, that's fine.   If you want 
> to do
> more than observe, please talk to me; my goal is MAXIMUM participation.
> Note: Per OASIS rule 2.4, membership is per person, not per organization,
> and is not transferable from person to person.  Also, 2.13 states
> "Organizations do not vote in TCs."  Thus, although many of us are
> from specific organizations, I expect that everyone will work TOGETHER
> to create the best possible specification for ALL... and not JUST for
> the organization they represent. Still, it's sometimes helpful to know
> "where people are coming from".
> Thanks very much!!
> --- David A. Wheeler

      /\/`) http://opendocumentfellowship.org
    /\/_/ I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for
    \/_/  stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels
    /     off of everything and let the problem solve itself?

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