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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Request for Introductions - Please, introduce yourself to us!


On Thu, Feb 23, 2006 at 18:47:06 -0500, David A. Wheeler wrote:

> Could everyone on the office-formula mailing list introduce themselves
> to everyone else, by doing a "reply-all" to this email?

Well, I use a capable mailer and just hit L to reply to the mailing list
only ;-)

My name is Eike Rathke, call me Eike, pronounced eyekeh.

I'll repeat some bits I sent to the TC for introduction, so don't wonder
if it appears familiar to you (yes, I'm lazy in this regard ;-)


Since 1994 I work on the Calc spreadsheet application's core, mainly in
the area of formula compiler and interpreter. I'm the co-lead of the
OpenOffice.org spreadsheet project.

Since 2000 I'm also deeply involved with the OpenOffice.org / StarOffice
internationalization framework, partly arisen from the various needs of
the number formatter used in Calc and other applications, and I try to
coordinate the related work. Regarding the i18n part I'm also a co-lead
of the OpenOffice.org l10n project.


Of the formula specification subcommittee's work I expect that it will
produce a spec that is both accurate and usable. Interoperability and
durability are the main goals to achieve. For OOoCalc it will of course
be mandatory to be able to read and write formulas according to the
specification we'll create, so another goal I have is to not specify
things away from reality, which doesn't mean I would avoid changes at
all cost, but I'd like to keep them at a minimum.

I think the OpenFormula document David submitted is a good starting
point for our work. It already contains lots of interesting things and
people creating it put quite some effort into it, though there may be
some discussion necessary regarding this and that.

Btw, the reply-to-all sometimes really annoys me, it just clutters up my
inbox. I'm actually reading the mailing lists I'm subscribed to and
where I post to.. so if your mailer allows a comfortable reply-to-list,
please use it and don't include my personal address, thanks.

Ok, I'm lookin forward that together we'll create the best specification


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