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office-formula message

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Subject: Please reply ONLY to the mailing list "office-formula" (and pleaseforgive those who forget)

Eike Rathke wrote:
> Well, I use a capable mailer and just hit L to reply to the mailing list
> only ;-)   ..... 
> Btw, the reply-to-all sometimes really annoys me, it just clutters up my
> inbox. I'm actually reading the mailing lists I'm subscribed to and
> where I post to.. so if your mailer allows a comfortable reply-to-list,
> please use it and don't include my personal address, thanks.

I understand!! Unfortunately, lots of email clients don't have
that ability.  Mozilla Thunderbird don't have that ability, for example;
its "Reply in Group" extension only works with Usenet postings, and
NOT with email mailing lists.

So.. if you have that capability, please use it; Eike makes a good point.
If not, please try to remember to just post to the office-formula list, 
and NOT
also reply to members, so that members don't get unnecessary 
And in advance, please forgive those who forget, it's easy to forget.

Also, if anyone wants to modify the Mozilla Thunderbird extension so that
it also works with mailing lists, PLEASE be my guest :-).

--- David A. Wheeler

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