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Subject: New time summary - comments on possible dates (March 2 and 9)?

Here are the dates and times I've seen so far for a kickoff 
teleconference, now that
I've got more information from Rob Weir, David Faure, and Jody Goldberg.
Let me know if I have a mistake in the information about the schedules 
and/or anything else.  Does anyone have a strong preference, or
new information, about these dates & times?  Otherwise, I'll pick from one
of these options, given the information I have:

I walked through the times below, by hand, and here's what I _think_ are 
the best options:
* March 2 (Thursday), 1700-1800UTC (1200-1300EST).
   Problem: Richard Kernick has said he can't make it.  Thomas Metcalf
   has said "probably" can make it, though he will need to do schedule 
* March 9 (Thursday): Several slots, but problems in all.
   1700-1800UTC (1200-1300EST) but Kernick can't make it :-(.
    Then there are two other alternatives:
    If I don't speak Thursday AM, then 1400-1500UTC (0900-1000EST) would 
    for EVERYONE!
    If I do speak Thursday AM, then 1300-1500UTC (0800-0900EST) would WORK
    for everyone.  However, those are rather UNFRIENDLY time slots for
   Thomas Metcalf and others west of the U.S. East coast.

I'm really NOT trying to pick on poor Richard Kernick...
it seems that Richard's calendar is "out of phase" with the rest of us :-).

Richard: Any way that you could make any of the "can't make it" times?
Or do you care if we teleconferenced without you
(I _hate_ to do that, and I don't know what the rules are about that)?

Thomas Metcalf and others west of the U.S. East Coast:
are 1300UTC or 1400UTC simply out-of-bounds?

Thursday 1700-1800UTC is actually a little awkward for me (I have an 
meeting at 1800UTC), but I think with a little flexibility (let's end 
the meeting a few
minutes early) we can make it work.  There are so few common time slots that
I think we all have to work the best we can.

What this shows is that we are all busy people, and that trying to do a
lot by teleconference is a waste of time.  If I read the OASIS rules 
we're allowed to do nearly all the work electronically... IF we meet once
(by teleconference) and agree to do so.  So that'll be the first item of
business in the teleconference... to agree to work electronically.
Voting can occur electronically; you need to leave 7 days for people to 
I'm think we can work generally by consensus anyway, so I suspect there
will be few official "votes" after we get going.

--- David A. Wheeler

========= Time Slot Analysis =============

First, here's the only viable option for next week:
* March 2 (Thursday), 1700-1800UTC (1200-1300EST).
   Problem: Richard Kernick has said he can't make it.  Thomas Metcalf
   has said "probably" can make it, though it's schedule juggling.

For the following week:
* March 8 (Wednesday), 1700-1800UTC (1200-1300EST).
   Problem: Richard Kernick can't make that either :-(.
* March 9 (Thursday): Several slots, but problems in all.
   1700-1800UTC (1200-1300EST) but Kernick can't make it :-(
    Start times of 1100UTC, 1200, 1300, 1400 (0700, 0800, 0900, 1000EST)
    MAY be possible, but I have a speaking engagement that MAY
    conflict with those times (I'm supposed to find out by this Monday).
    Also, 1100UTC would be brutal for some; Dr. Thomas Metcalf would
    have the meeting at 5:00AM his time :-(.
    If I don't speak Thursday AM, then 1400-1500UTC (0900-1000EST) would 
    If I do speak Thursday AM, then 1300-1500UTC (0800-0900EST) would work,
    though it's not very nice time slot for Thomas Metcalf.
* March 10 (Friday): Bricklin unsure, Kernick cannot at any time.  Otherwise
   starting 1500UTC or 1600UTC (1000EST or 1100EST) would work fine.

Thursday March 9 start times of 1200UTC, 1300, 1400 (0800, 0900, 1000EST)
may be the best (and of the bunch, 1400UTC is probably the best)... but
I do not yet know if I _can_

Many other times just won't work. March 3 loses Eike and Richard Kernick,
March 6 loses Faure/Bricklin/me, and so on.

I have a regular (physical) meeting Thursdays at 1800UTC (1300EST);
but since there are so few open slots, I can try to be late for that
and/or make have the telecomm slightly less than an hour
(to give me transit time).

--- David A. Wheeler

================= Details =============================

* Weir, Mr. Robert, IBM*

(outside of Boston).   If we have East Coast, West Coast and Germany (at 
least), then a time of around 11am/noon/1pm Eastern time would be good.

March 2nd: I am free at Noon and 1pm, Eastern time
March 3rd: I am free at  11am, Noon and 1pm, Eastern time

In general, free EXCEPT for the following:
 Mondays at 11am 
 Wednesdays at 11am or 3pm 
 Thursdays at 11am 
 Fridays afternoon 

* Faure*, Mr. David, KDE e.V*:

I live in France (UTC+1).

Any day, any time is fine (although with a preference for the 9:00-23:00 UTC range),
 *except* for:
- Mondays 16:00-17:00 UTC (the OASIS TC phone conference)
- Wednesdays 18:30-20:20 UTC
- and except for week 11, too.

So this gives:
March 2: OK
March 3: OK
March 7: OK
March 8: between 9:00 and 18:30 UTC
March 9: OK
March 10: OK

* Goldberg, Mr. Jody, Novell*:

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

March 2 and 3: Both are practical for me as long as they are before 3pm EST.
March 6-10: "The same constraint holds on all thursdays and fridays."

* Rathke, Mr. Eike, Sun Microsystems*

Possible times (end time must be WITHIN time):

March 2: any time between 12:00 and 18:00 UTC.
March 3: No
March 7: between 14:00 and 17:00 UTC
March 8: 11:00-19:00 UTC,
March 9 11:00-18:00 UTC.
March 10: 11:00-19:00 UTC,

* Carrera, Mr. Daniel, The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.*

United Kingdom, near Birmingham.
The ideal time range for me is 17-20UTC, which is 11AM-3PM Eastern.
(Any date, presumably)

* Edwards, Gary, The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.*: UNKNOWN

* Kernick, Mr. Richard, The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.*

March 2, 7-9:00 est, or 10-11am est, or after 4pm est
March 3: no good
March 6-9: 7-11am est, or after 4pm est
March 10: no good
"I'm assuming you won't want to do anything before 7am est."

* Mecir, Mr. Tomas, The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.*

Slovakia. That's in Central Europe, UTC+1.
Wants to work exclusively electronically; for the teleconference,
the expectation is that David Faure will attend.

* Metcalf, Dr. Thomas, The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.*

In Colorado=US Mountain time.

Mar 2: OK times are 18:00-22:00 UTC
Mar 3: OK times are 19:00-22:00 UTC

"I could probably meet outside these times with some
schedule juggling so long as I'm awake"

* Wheeler, Mr. David, The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.*

Near Washington, DC, US.

March 2: Any time EXCEPT 1300-1500 EST
March 3: Any time
March 6: Can't (originally I thought this was open)
March 9: Cannot do 1300-1500 EST, _and_ see below.
March 10: anytime.

I have a speaking engagement sometime in March 7-9, but
I don't have the speaking time yet (!). It'll
probably be Tuesday or Thursday AM, and it'll be
one of these times (so avoid these):
Tuesday (March 7): 10:15 - 11:30 am, 2:15 - 4:30 pm
Wednesday (March 8): 10:15 - 11:30 am, 2:15 - 4:30 pm
Thursday: (March 9): 10:15 - 11:30 am

* Bricklin, Dan (to be added?)

March 2nd: OK until 6pm EST
March 3rd OK until 1:30pm EST
March 6-7: No
March 8th OK except 1:30pm-3:30pm EST,
March 9th OK until 6pm EST,
March 10th unsure

--- David A. Wheeler

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