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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Proposal: Work ONLY electronically after initialtelecomm, except when we decide otherwise

David A. Wheeler wrote:
> One thing has become crystal-clear in our attempt to have an initial
> teleconference: teleconferencing is a TERRIBLE mechanism for
> this group.  We cover a LOT of time zones, we have a lot of VERY busy
> experts, and for several members English is not their native language.
> For the last group, their written English is much better than their spoken English;
> trying to use spoken English is a barrier to participation, and we do NOT
> want to create any barriers to participation.

I would agree with this. Among the non-native speakers, I probably have 
the best English, and I'm not terribly keen on discussing technical 
issues over the phone. In addition, I hypothesize that phones just don't 
lend themselves to technical discussions (I say hypothesize because I've 
never actually tried). You can't post code samples over the phone.

> So I propose this: at the upcoming formula teleconference,
> we should vote on this proposal:
> "As a standing rule, we agree to work electronically except when
> we SPECIFICALLY decide otherwise."

I'll make sure I'm at the teleconference and vote in favour.

> I've looked over the OASIS rules, and I think we can do this, even
> though it's a different mode of operation from the OpenDocument TC itself.
> Section 2.13 (TC Voting) says: "... A motion to open an electronic ballot
> must be made in a TC meeting unless the TC has adopted a standing
> rule to allow this motion to be made on the TC's general email list.
> When such a rule has been adopted, motions made on the mail list
> must also be seconded and discussed on that list."
> If I interpret that rule correctly, I think we MUST have a kick-off meeting
> (via telecomm). At that telecomm I plan to propose adopting
> a standing rule to allow motions to be made and discussed on
> the mailing list, and for voting to happen electronically.  If that passes,
> then we can do the rest of the work electronically, because we'll have
> discussed and passed a standing rule to allow it.

I concur with your interpretation.

[big snip]

Thank you for the info. I think that your interpretations are sensible, 
and it looks like all the bases are covered. For example, in my first 
draft response I said that we'd have to define what it means to "stop 
participating", but later in your email you included a definition "to 
fail to vote for two different (consecutive?) voting periods".

> Note IN PARTICULAR that ALL formal work of this group MUST
> be via OASIS-controlled mechanisms.  So if we use a Wiki, it MUST
> be OASIS' Wiki (it's MoinMoin).

I don't realy care where the wiki is, but I have a question: what are 
the restrictions on "informal" work? Can we have an "informal" meeting 
on IRC and then give a "formal" synopsis on-list? (perhaps with a vote).

      /\/`) http://opendocumentfellowship.org
    /\/_/ I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for
    \/_/  stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels
    /     off of everything and let the problem solve itself?

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