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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Use OpenFormula? Schedule?

There are lots of emails about the various key issues now; thanks, everyone!
I probably should have released separate emails for different topics,
since currently it's hard to follow the email threads. Sorry about that.

So, this email summarizes what's been said about using OpenFormula & the 
and then I'll respond with my own comments.  Please respond to THIS 
email on the topics
of "using OpenFormula" and "schedule".
I'm combining the two topics because I think they're related... we can 
start with a
blank sheet of paper, but if we do, I'm not sure how we meet the 
proposed schedule. So
if you'd feel better starting from scratch, please let us know how you 
think the schedule
would be impacted (or not).

> * Should we use OpenFormula as a base specification?... The question isn't whether or not you believe every word (it WILL change), but whether or not starting with it is better than starting with a blank page.
All commenters who have expressed an opinion so far believe it's better 
to start with the draft than a blank sheet (Wheeler, Carrera, Weir, 
Metcalf).  I think Eike Rathke expressed a similar opinion elsewhere 

I am _sure_ that some people haven't had a chance to look over the 
OpenFormula draft to pass judgment.  So I encourage you to look at the 
draft (it's posted on the OASIS office-formula web page), and I'll 
separately post a summary about the OpenFormula draft.

> * Schedule: We need to define syntax, then semantics.  Proposal: Draft syntax defined by start+2 months; final syntax/semantics (inc. function definitions) defined by start+6 months.  Should "start" be March 2?

Tomas Mecir asked, "Isn't syntax already defined in OpenFormula"?  Yes, 
it is, but we have not confirmed that we'll use OpenFormula.  Granted, 
given the comments above that looks likely, but one step at a time.  
Also, anyone is free to propose a change to the syntax in this group, 
should they desire to do so.  More importantly, everyone will need to go 
through it with a fine-toothed comb to make sure they're happy with the 

If we start with OpenFormula, and it's simply a matter of carefully 
evaluating/vetting the syntax, 2 months is plenty of time.  If we start 
from scratch, we'd better agree on a baseline in a hurry, or 2 months 
isn't enough.

I don't know if 6 months is enough or not.  But without a goal, we won't 
make it.  So let's set a deadline, and try to meet it.

--- David A. Wheeler

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