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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Include user interface?

Dan Bricklin wrote:
> As I understand it, the vast majority (and I mean vast) of 
> spreadsheets use very little of this functionality. Some simple 
> arithmetic MAYBE plus the SUM function. References to cells sometimes, 
> and much less frequently to cells on related sheets. Very few use 
> variables. Is this true? Do we have a real survey? I heard that Lotus 
> did one many years ago, is there anything new or at least access to 
> that data?
I think you're referring to Chan and Storey 1996,
“The use of spreadsheets in organizations: determinants and 
consequences,” Information and Management
31, Number 3, December 1996, pp. 119-134(16). Publisher is Elsevier Science.
It's not open access, so I don't know the details; can anyone get a copy to
can report on it? Some open access info:
Alternatively, someone could try to download all spreadsheet files available
on the web, and find out what functions and operators are in use.

I believe it's correct that many users would be happy with an even
a smaller set basic set. But I'd like to find the data so we can
have a RATIONALE for picking some other set, if we're to create
a smaller subset.

--- David A. Wheeler

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