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Subject: Administrivia: emails MUST be from KNOWN email addresses

I've had a few queries about mail not getting posted to the formula
mailing list. (What? There was EVEN MORE TRAFFIC? :-) )
So a quick clarification...

As a minor anti-spam/security measure, postings to OASIS mailing
lists are silently thrown away UNLESS your "from" address is from
an address KNOWN to OASIS as a member's email address.

So, ODF members, you can post if your "from" address uses the
OpenDocument.us account.  If when you registered with OASIS,
you told it an "alternative" email address, you can ALSO use
that alternative (thus, I'm posting from dwheeler at
dwheeler dot com, which is listed as my "alternative").
If you use any other "from" address, your email is tossed.
If that's not how you're set up now, you'll need to configure your
email client to use the right "from" address, or tell
OASIS your alternate email address.  Using a second email
address is FINE, but you have to tell OASIS about it first.

Otherwise, we'd be drowning (even more) in spam.

--- David A. Wheeler 

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