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Subject: Data types (was: Semantics)

Hi Richard,

On Tue, Mar 07, 2006 at 00:39:19 +0000, Richard Kernick wrote:

>    1. How to represent numeric and date types in the file format.
>    Solution, pick a format, move on - this shouldn't be controversial.
>    Propose:
>    C-locale for numbers - unless there is an ISO or some other standard.

Of course C-locale, what else ;-)

>    ISO 8601 format for Gregorian dates - other calendars?

ODF specifies dates to be stored according to
which refers to ISO 8601, saying to use the proleptic Gregorian
calendar. So no other calendar.

Anyway, it is irrelevant here, because we're talking solely about the
table:formula attribute's content. There are no dates in formulas.

>    what others are needed? boolean

The same, there are no boolean types in the formula content

Btw, Richard, could you please switch off HTML in your Thunderbird,
reading your mails when you're quoting someone else's mail is really
a pain..


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