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Subject: Discussions, Syntax, Wiki

Hi - a few general notes:

* First of all, I'm glad to see lots of animated discussions
about various topics.  The thing we need to deliver soonest is
a syntax, but by discussing some of these more contentious
issues now, we're more likely to get a reasonable resolution
by the deadline.

* I hope to merge Eike and OpenFormula's syntaxes this weekend,
and come up with a "new, more wonderful" version.  Then we can
see if that's an improvement, or not.

* I just got an email from Mary McRae (OASIS) about a Wiki.
She said: "I'm trying to get a wiki set up for OpenDocument, of which 
the formula section will branch off of; unfortunately right now we're 
down a couple of people in IT and things are moving slower than usual. 
I'll see what I can do to try to make this happen."

--- David A. Wheeler

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