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Subject: Shall we convert the material to ODF now?

Originally we had planned to use the Wiki to create our document, and
then convert it late into OpenDocument.  However, after fiddling with
the Wiki that OASIS makes available to us, I'm thinking that it
might be better to convert to ODF _now_, not later.

We can still use the Wiki for very early thoughts/work, and then
convert THOSE pieces to ODF.  But the Wiki that OASIS makes available
to us is less than ideal for us.  It doesn't record who made the
changes, it doesn't support math formulas (a real problem when
writing a formula spec!), and it doesn't have run-time templates
(making later conversion to ODF painful).  I've done some fiddling
and found that it'll take time to convert existing available material
to yet another Wiki format... which will have to be converted AGAIN
on movement to ODF.  Ugh.  Since the final needs to be ODF, let's just
do it.  ODF is a very nice format, which obviously supports formulas
and much else.

This affects Eike and Rob Weir most directly, but it indirectly
affects all, so before going this way, I'd like to hear if anyone
has problems with this.

The Wiki is not _disappearing_, so if a particular section is
easier to edit on the Wiki first, and then transfer over, that'd be
a fine way to work.

Please post if you think this shouldn't be done (and why!).

--- David A. Wheeler

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