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Subject: Updated spec posted - let's work in .odt from here out.

Members of the OpenDocument committee can now get the
latest version of the draft formula spec here, converted to ".odt" format:

This version has the new expression syntax.  The main change here
is that I used the OASIS template and completely reloaded the base document,
so I ended up working on a lot of formatting issues.  If there are major
formatting problems, please let me know.   It now "looks" like a real (draft) spec.

From here on, please make edits to this document or its successors to
make specific changes. In the future, instead of using "-v0.17" in the filename
I'll use "-yyyymmdd", so it'll be easy to see from the filename when it was released.

Next up - this version doesn't account for the "Calculation Settings" of
OpenDocument, and that needs fixing.  I'll take a stab at that, then repost.

A big change TBD is changing from the old "level" system to a more flexible
"group" system... but I'd like to make that change only once, so it'd be best
to agree on what that is.  One of the reasons to do that (wikiCalc only had
limited functionality) has gone away, so if you think we should keep the
level system, let us know that too.

--- David A. Wheeler

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