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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Let's make "^" left-associative, notright-associative

Rob Weir:
> So back to my example.  If spreadsheet A has function AND() in the UI and 
> writes it out as AND_SHORT() to match their behavior, then aren't we 
> forcing spreadsheet B, which does the "normal" non-shortcircuit logic, to 
> implement AND_SHORT()?  I don't see how this is avoided if documents are 
> to be exchanged between A and B? 

Oh, THAT's what you mean.  Then I think the answer would be "yes": If there
are functions with different semantics, AND the differences are important,
then they need to have different names inside the file while being exchanged.
Makes perfect sense to me! Sometimes the differences aren't important,
and can be implementation-defined, in which case we don't need different names.

I don't see this as a problem; perhaps I'm missing your point.

--- David A. Wheeler

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