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Subject: New draft of OpenFormula

Okay, new draft posted yesterday:

Since everyone seems to want to stick to the name "OpenFormula", it's
staying on the cover.  Carrera's suggestion of "of:" as the standard prefix
made sense, and is consistent with that.  Of course, if we do THAT, we
may as well make it ALL consistent, so I modified the namespace to say
"openformula" as well.  Please let me know if that's a problem.
One oddity - "fo:" is the standard prefix for XSL-fo, which is obviously
very similar to "of:".   I don't expect that to be a problem in practice,
it's pretty obvious which is which.

New capability: "Results" can now have an error range, and
be directly expressed as number1±number2
or number1±ε (where ε is interpreted as 1e-6).  This is a shorthand for
ABS(Expr-Number1)<number2.   We have a lot of such expressions, because
computer floating point is inexact.  Also, it's clarified that test
results with the Text type have to match EXACTLY, not just in a
case-insensitive way.

We no longer have numeric levels, we simply have group names.
The levels were removed from all the function text.

--- David A. Wheeler 

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