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Subject: Re: [office-formula] NEED VOLUNTEERS - filling in the formula specs!

Robert Weir asked:
> How do you see this working?  We each take a chunk, research it in 
> parallel and then merge and discuss?  Or discuss as we go and then merge 
> the census text?
> I'm fine either way. 

I'm flexible, but here's my current idea.
Each takes a chunk, writes it up and posts on the list any
sticky issues (plus what they plan to do) as they find them.
Stuff they just can't resolve become TODOs.
Then we re-merge back together.  We can do that process
several times, actually.

I'd like to re-merge back together in relatively short order;
if we work independently for too long, there's a risk of divergence.
And issues that an individual just can't tease out should be
presented to all anyway.

But I'm not hard over on this.

--- David A. Wheeler

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