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Subject: Formula test suite - 1st try


I finished an initial version of the test suite programe. It's 90% of
the way there, but some of the tests fail and I'm not positive if it's
because OOo really is supposed to fail or because I made a mistake.

I'll be away for the next 4 days (2 days in the FLOSSIE conference and 2
days at LugRadio). So I thought I'd post what I have now so anyone can
look at it.

Download: http://daniel.carrera.name/odf/testsuite-generator.tgz

  * Extract the archive.
  * Run 'make'

The generated test suite is put in TestSuite.ods.

If you wish to help me out, take a look at the last column. If a test
gives an error where we didn't expect one you'll see the text "App gives
unexpected error" in red bold letters. If I've made any mistakes, those
are the rows where it's most likely to be. As an aside, I think that red
text might help implementors locate errors.

  "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the
  unreasonable man tries to adapt the world to himself.
  Therefore all progress depends on unreasonable men."
        -- George Bernard Shaw

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