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Subject: Re: [office-formula] = signs in tests

Daniel Carrera said:
> I notice that some of the tests don't have an = sign in front in cases
> where maybe it should. I just thought I'd bring these to the attention
> of the list:

Those are formatting mistakes in the spec.  For humans it doesn't
matter; since we are ONLY specifying formulas, EVERY Expression
is a formula, and humans don't have trouble understanding it.
But of course, the tool can't depend on "understanding".

I want there to be no formatting mistakes in the spec, so I've
fixed all of those cases in the next draft (about to come out).
Don't "fix" this in the tool.  I'd rather know about the problems,
and fix them in the spec. I love having a tool that finds problems
in the spec, so we can fix them. Hooray!

--- David A. Wheeler

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