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Subject: Please add some function definitions...

Here's what I propose as our next immediate step.  From _now_
through Tuesday July 25, 2200EST, would the following people write
5 or more function definitions for undefined functions in these areas:

* Thomas Metcalf: Mathematical functions (6.14)
* Robert Weir: Financial functions and/or Statistical functions
* Eike Rathke: Information Functions and/or Lookup functions

If anyone else wants an assignment, or if anyone
wants an assignment change, please let me know ASAP.

Please leave "record changes" on, and don't edit outside those
areas at this time; that will make merging easy.  You can certainly
edit the existing function definitions in those sections too.

Start with this document:

Please create at least 5 definitions, though more would be great.
Even if you don't have 5, please send me your version by that time
or before, so I can merge them all together to create a new version.
What you're creating is the initial proposal; things can be changed, but
it's a lot easier to discuss once you have something in front of you.

I don't know if Eike can do this (he just returned!), but the worst he can
do is say "no" :-). My theory is that we'll do this repeatedly
(make changes then merge).

If anyone has a better idea, please let me know!!

--- David A. Wheeler

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