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Subject: Proposal: Drop "huge" group; any critically missing functions for "large"?

We have our hands full just defining the set of
functions up through the "large" group, which is essentially
a superset of Excel and OpenOffice.org.  Thus, I propose that
we give up trying to define the "huge" group of functions at
this time; if it's deemed worthwhile, that would be a reasonable
"next version" effort. The "large" group is enough to capture
most spreadsheet documents, no matter where they come from,
and I think that's really what people want.

Are there any "gotta have it" functions _not_ currently
planned for the "large" group, particularly those that are
painful to do without and have REAL users?  I'm basically
asking those who use applications other than Excel and
OpenOffice.org; we have pretty complete coverage of them.
I do NOT want a laundry list of 200 functions to add,
but adding a FEW functions to help people transition
their data from other apps would be reasonable.

Here are some candidates that I see:
   (issue: how many bits are enough?)

Please speak up if these or other functions are
"gotta haves as interoperable functions, and not in the spec".
Any application can store the function using the local namespace
(see the separate discussion about that), so any application
can continue to use the other functions it has, and define new ones.
The issue here is, is there another formula function so
important for interoperability that we need to spec
it NOW as a standard function?  Otherwise, it
won't be in the first release of this specification.


--- David A. Wheeler

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