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Subject: which functions

I thought that perhaps I should elaborate a bit more on my last message
with respect to which functions to be included in a standard:

GNumeric has two functions called
that both supposedly do the same thing:
they claim to return the probability of x successes in a binomial
experiment of n trials with propability p of success in any given trial.

The former tries to behave like EXCEL's implementation. OOo's
implementation of the function of that same name match Excel's

>From a mathematical point of view BINOMDIST has serious issues, for
BINOMDIST(0.5,10,0.2,FALSE) is 0.107 rather than 0
BINOMDIST(11,10,0.2,FALSE) is an Error rather than 0


So in my mind it would make more sense to have something like R.DBINOM
that behaves more appropriately.


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