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Subject: Small Group

Do we have a sense of where we are with the small function group?  If not done already, it might make sense to get that group done first, across all areas (statistical, financial, etc.) and package that up as something worthy of wider review.  I'm thinking this can help us do some of the review work in parallel with the remaining function development.  This is especially true if we have a consensus on the core expression syntax, which I think we do.  Adding definitions for the remaining functions is unlikely to cause us to readdress syntactical issues.

The upside would be that this would give an early heads up on the OpenFormula syntax recommendations, as reviewed and approved by the TC and made available for public review.  It would also give implementors something to start working on.  By the time they are done digesting that, we would probably have the medium set done and ready for review, etc.  I like this more than saving all our good work for release only after we've defined the Gamma and Bessel functions <g>.

What's the phrase, "release early and often"?


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