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Subject: Re: [office-formula] A-functions

On 9/8/06, David A. Wheeler <dwheeler@dwheeler.com> wrote:
> No, because we have ALREADY agreed
> that whether or not logical types are distinct types is
> implementation-defined - after MANY months of discussion.
> The semantics as written for SUM, etc.,
> are one of the consequences of that decision.
> If we changed to the kind of semantic you suggest, then many apps
> including Gnumeric, Excel, SheetToGo, and many others would probably
> NEVER comply with the spec, either now OR in the future.

Hmm, I don't understand the problem. NOT doing it the way that I
suggest would lead to the problems that you describe ... But what I
suggest is that logical values get treated the same as number values

That means, non-A versions always count logical values - that means,
if the implementation doesn't have a distinct logical type, no drama,
everything still works because logicals would be treated exactly like
numbers anyway :D

/ Tomas

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