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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Rob Weir's article on Microsoft XML dateproblems

> > Excel thinks that 1900 was a leap year
> > 
> > OpenFormula avoids this.
> > We do NOT require that implementations get 1900 WRONG.
> Btw, this is the reason why the "usual" null-date in OOoCalc is
> 1899-12-30 instead of 1899-12-31 as in Excel, being able to both
> correctly handle 1900 as a leap year and to get correct dates from
> 1900-03-01 on, with the consequence that all dates between 1900-01-01
> and 1900-02-28 when calculated from serial date values differ by one day
> between Excel and OOoCalc.
> Should we add this quirk to the notes of section "4.2.2 Date and DateTime"?

Yes, I think that's a good idea, and the paragraph above is a good start.
Is there anything else we should note?

--- David A. Wheeler

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