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Subject: Wednesday 7pm EST - please turn in, and losing locks

Hi - As usual, please turn in your latest work by this Wednesday 7pm EST, so it can be merged.  You may have noticed that I posted a mid-week update; if you edited a file before that, just send in the file and let me know (that's not hard to handle).  But if you've not edited yet, go ahead and start with the latest file.

After this Wednesday, I think I will "release" all locks, and let people re-request what they'd like to work on.  That way, if person A doesn't have time but person B does, person B can contribute to sections that person A was previously working on.

I'd really like to wrap this up, but we'll all need to work on it together.  Please let me know if you can work on it in the next cycle starting Wednesday.


--- David A. Wheeler 

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