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Subject: Re: [office-formula] EUROCONVERT

> EUROCONVERT currently has
> | Applications may support other currency conversion values.  Note,
> | however, that currency conversion values fluctuate, so applications that
> | support this will need to be able to update currency conversion values.
> | When and how this occurs is outside the scope of this specification.
> I think we should remove that paragraph. EUROCONVERT has a clearly
> defined purpose and should not be mixed with fluctuating currencies.


> | Note that this function is not required to support prefixes (such as
> | G for giga); portable applications must not use prefixes with this
> | function.
> I think this is superfluous and we don't have to mention. In addition
> the term "portable applications must not" may leave the impression that
> non-portable apps might get away with it..

Sure, remove.  If we keep it, "applications" should be changed to "documents", which I'm pretty sure was the intent.  Removing it makes it even easier...!

--- David A. Wheeler

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