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Subject: Re: [office-formula] MIN/MAX/MINA/MAXA and no value, zero?

"Andreas J. Guelzow":
> I think we should stick with 0 even if personally I would prefer an ERROR.

(When given 0 arguments)

Why?  I'd prefer to declare "Implementation-defined, either Error or 0" when there are 0 arguments given to these functions.  It's clear that different implementors do this differently, there are arguments either way, and the problem is trivially avoided.  If we mandate something, EVERYONE has to do it that way, and I don't see a good reason to mandate this case.

Note that this is different from "an argument that is a range, containing no numbers".  In THAT case, I believe we MUST return 0.  Since THAT returns 0, that's a plausible case for having the 0-argument case also return 0.

We're dancing on angel-pins here, which is probably a really good sign :-).

--- David A. Wheeler

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