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Subject: Status of work, going TC


I'm about to finish checking for function syntax errors today and there
shouldn't be any substantial changes pending anymore except definitions
of WEEKNUM, WORKDAY and NETWORKDAYS (Robert, how is work proceeding on
those?) and mathematical formulas for the bunch of financial functions.
There are some TODOs and more TBDs left that shouldn't change the
document substantially and I think we can address them during the TC
review phase where needed.

To have more peering eyes on it and to give the TC enough time I propose
we hand the document, in the state I'll send David for upload this
evening, to the TC for review at the beginning of next week, together
with a short list of what substantial content will change (e.g. the
functions mentioned above).

There probably will be quite some changes in wording and editorial
changes like layout and such during the review phase, as due to the
various authors style differs much throughout the entire document.
I think from the point of handing the document to the TC we'll have to
produce two versions of each draft uploaded, one being the entire
document and another one with change tracking enabled for the difference
between two revisions.

What do you think? Should we "go TC"?


Automatic string conversions considered dangerous. They are the GOTO statements
of spreadsheets.  --Robert Weir on the OpenDocument formula subcommittee's list.

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