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Subject: Re: [office-formula] USDOLLAR

> Excel has USDOLLAR, which, contrary to DOLLAR that is locale dependent,
> always returns a string containing '$' as the currency symbol.
> I propose to not define a function for one specific currency. Actually,
> to display such fixed strings number formats can be used. Applications
> that want to support the function should store it as

Counter-proposal: I think we should keep it.

Actually, I think you've got a good rationale for removing it.  It's certainly a little ugly to have a single-currency function.

But let see if I can convince you that it's worth keeping:
* Many countries use the U.S. Dollar, formally or informally so there's some justification for it even at an international level.
* It actually HELPS when exchanging spreadsheets, specifically because it's not locale-based. Locale-dependent functions have all sorts of issues.
* I believe a number of spreadsheet files use it... so including it aids transition.
* I believe other spreadsheet implementations also include it (which I'm pretty sure they do).
* It's really easy for implementations to include this function.

In short, to aid transition purposes, I think there's value to it... especially since it's "cheap" for us to include it.

I'm sure not hard-over on this one.  Anyone else have an opinion?

--- David A. Wheeler

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