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Subject: CEILING and FLOOR

We've kept putting off CEILING and FLOOR, and we must stop - we have to fish or cut bait.  Here's a proposal.

Excel has a 2-parameter version of CEILING and FLOOR with mind-bogglingly weird semantics, but since people depend on them, I propose that the semantics of the 2-parameter version be the same as Excel's.

The 3-parameter version was added, I believe by the Gnumeric folks.  Excel has no such thing. I'm not sure I understand the difference the "mode" parameter gives (I know what the OPTIONS are, but I'm not sure that what was documented is actually what is intended).

I think in the ONE-parameter case, we should use STANDARD MATH meaning.  IE: FLOOR(-1.1) is -2.  Note that FLOOR(-1.1) is NOT the same as FLOOR(-1.1; -1), which in Excel would return -1 (!), nor is it the same as FLOOR(-1.1;1) which would return Error.

--- David A. Wheeler 

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