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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Who is on board?

Eike Rathke:
> It seems to me that only David A. Wheeler, Robert Weir and me are left
> in this subcommittee. I'd love to be proven wrong though and eagerly beg
> for signs of life :-)

There's life :-).  However, the recent complications involving OASIS memberships are making life... er... complicated :-(.

I'm currently working through the processes so that I stay an OASIS member, which involves much legal fun.  As you can see, Andreas Guelzow has already re-joined as an individual member (thanks!!).

> Unfortunately we have some more work to do on the draft, namely:
> - YEARFRAC algorithms description.
>   - assigned to: open

Rob Weir is working on getting someone to do that; we've had several conversations on what's involved.

> - Rewrite test cases as normative prosa.
>   - assigned to: open

There are two parts: hiding the test cases, and then fixing the text.  Thankfully, much of the text isn't as bad as I initially feared; our process of creating test cases also forced us to think about exactly what the text should say.

I will soon post a start to hiding the text.  Rob is trying to find someone to finish the text-hiding (it's not technical work), which would help (so we only have to concentrate on what needs changing).

> - JIS/ASC description (it turned out that Excel does more/other things
>   than one would assume from the description it has).
>   - assigned to: myself

Great!  Thanks.

> - WEEKNUM definition according to our discussion back in February,
>   somehow we missed that.
>   - assigned to: myself


--- David A. Wheeler

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