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Subject: Groups - OpenFormula Specification 2007-06-20 (ODT) (openformula-20070620.odt) uploaded

This version now hides ALL the test cases and other notes (rationale,
notes, etc.), which creates a large number of "hidden" sections.  To reveal
these annotations, modify the first field on the first page so that "Note"
has the value "1".

This version replaces the definitions of ASC and JIS with a MUCH more
detailed definition by Eike Rathke.  Thanks Eike!!

The text defining the "Error" type (section 4.5) was modified; the old text
was really unclear.  Here's the new version, comments welcome:
"An error is one of a set of possible error values. Implementations may
have many different error types, but one error value in particular is
distinct: #N/A, the result of the NA() function.  Users may choose to enter
some data values as #N/A, so that this error value propagates to any other
formula that uses it, and may test for this using the function ISNA().
Functions and operators that receive one or more error values as an input
shall produce one of those error values as a result, unless the formula or
operator is specifically defined to do otherwise."

 -- Mr. David Wheeler

The document revision named OpenFormula Specification 2007-06-20 (ODT)
(openformula-20070620.odt) has been submitted by Mr. David Wheeler to the
OpenDocument - Formula document repository.  This document is revision #57
of openformula-spec-20060221.odt.

Document Description:
OpenFormula is an open format for exchanging recalculated formulas between
office application implementations, particularly for spreadsheets.
OpenFormula defines the types, syntax, and semantics for calculated
formulas, including many predefined functions and operations, so that
formulas can be exchanged between applications and produce substantively
equal outputs when recalculated with equal inputs. Both closed and open
source software can implement OpenFormula.

OpenFormula is intended to be a supporting document to the Open Document
Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) format, particularly for
defining its attributes table:formula and text:formula. It can be used in
other circumstances where a simple, easy-to-read infix notation is desired
for exchanging recalculated formulas.

View Document Details:

Download Document:  

This document is revision #57 of openformula-spec-20060221.odt.  The
document details page referenced above will show the complete revision

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-OASIS Open Administration

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