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Subject: FYI: I'm leaving OpenDocument Foundation, and am joining OASISdirectly as an individual

I am in the process of leaving the OpenDocument Foundation (ODF), and I have already submitted the paperwork (etc.) to OASIS so that I can join OASIS and the office TC directly as an individual.  I intend to continue to work on the OpenDocument format (ODF), as an individual who is part of the OASIS office technical committee (TC), and that includes leading the OpenDocument formula (ODF) subcommittee (SC) for as long as people want me to.  I will continue to work with the OpenDocument _Fellowship_ (ODF), which is a completely different volunteer group from the Foundation.

I say all that to try to eliminate confusion. Normally "ODF" means "OpenDocument format", but since many names are similar I was afraid some people would get confused.

I _believe_ that will simply mean that the "organization" field next to my name will change, and it's my hope that this transition will be smooth. However, in any change there's always the possibility of a hiccup. Please continue to send formula-related email to an OASIS mailing list and not directly to me; that will enable everyone to discuss each topic (and for me to view it later if there's an email forwarding problem).  If you must contact me personally with a private message - and please don't do that for discussions that should be public - use my personal account dwheeler at dwheeler (dot com).

--- David A. Wheeler

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