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Subject: Re: [office-formula] COUNTIFS function proposal

On 4 June, Eike Rathke proposed adding COUNTIFS.
I've seen nothing but agreement on the mailing list. So...

Eike: Would you be willing to modify the current formula
spec draft, and add a draft COUNTIFS description?
Also, would you be wiling to draft these as well?:
(I think we should add these as well, for the sake of
both interoperability and consistency.
We already have SUMIF and COUNTIF.)

Then we can all look over the details of the proposal.

Also: We have SUM, AVERAGE, and COUNT, but not
PRODUCT in these IF/IFS forms.  Is there a reason why not?
(That's obviously much less important, though it's an
odd inconsistency, and I think it's worth thinking about.
At this point I'm walking through the document looking for
semantic inconsistencies.)

--- David A. Wheeler

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