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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Whitespace fixups

Hi David,

On Friday, 2008-06-20 17:24:35 -0400, David A. Wheeler wrote:

> Is the main issue inline arrays?

For OOo it is; however, that is just an example, the main issue is
"implementation details" of different applications. You can't expect all
applications to preserve all whitespace.

> How about:
> "... SHOULD preserve whitespace in formulas outside inline arrays, and
> MAY preserve whitespace inside inline arrays"

Probably we should stick with the simple "SHOULD preserve whitespace in
formulas." It's idealistic though, most applications will not preserve
one or the other whitespace, I guess.


Automatic string conversions considered dangerous. They are the GOTO statements
of spreadsheets.  --Robert Weir on the OpenDocument formula subcommittee's list.

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