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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Change process for OpenFormula

Sending this to the main list, since the question is relevant to all 

New proposals != Fixing defects.  The deadlines we agreed to today are for 
new feature proposals, i.e., members proposals to add new functionality to 
ODF 1.2.

If you find a bug, or an incomplete or ambiguous description, then these 
are not included in the new proposal deadline. 

We do not currently have a defined formal process for fixing bugs in the 
draft.  Most people are just posting bugs to the list, or sending to 
Patrick directly.  As we shift from proposal processing into final editing 
and review, we'll probably want to adopt an agreed-upon mechanism for 
reporting defects in the draft and tracking them to ensure they are fixed. 
 We might use the wiki for this, rr Kavi action items or JIRA.  My guess 
is the quantity, in addition to public review comments will be more than 
we want to track informally via emails.



Eric Patterson <ericpa@exchange.microsoft.com> wrote on 12/08/2008 
08:34:14 PM:

> Greetings,
> Is the process for making changes to OpenFormula for ODF 1.2 the 
> same process that was outlined by Rob and Michael today for ODF? 
> Specifically I'd like to understand if there are process differences
> for adding content that clarifies the current content or corrects 
> errors that may exist.  Also, for incomplete items, such as the CUBE
> functions, what is the process for completing that work?
> Thanks,
> Eric

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