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Subject: Re: [office-formula] 3-d references

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Hi Eric,

On Thursday, 2008-12-04 17:37:22 -0800, Eric Patterson wrote:

> How do we proceed with adding text that describes how sheets
> positioned between the referenced sheets are handled?  Should I submit
> a proposal?

A sentence or two to clarify in   4.6 Reference   would do, I think.

> While a reference of the type [Sheet1.A1:B5]:[Sheet2.B1:C5] seems to
> be "valid", are the expected results defined?

I think they are. The range operator in between the two 2D ranges is
defined as "a reference to the smallest 3-dimensional cube of cells that
include both Left and Right", see
6.3.10 Infix Operator Reference Range (":")

In this case the result would be Sheet1.A1:Sheet2.C5

> It's unclear how a 3D reference with different ranges or "sides of the
> cube" should be calculated.

Is there a better wording you would suggest?


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