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Subject: Groups - OpenDocument Formula Specification 2008-12-21 (ODT) (OpenDocument-formula-20081221.odt) uploaded

  - Density missed the factor 1/(b-a).
  - Substitution z=(t-a)/(b-a) in formula.
  - Adapted test cases.
- GAMMA() domain contains negative values.
- GAMMADIST() and GAMMAINV() OOo, Excel, and Gnumeric use
  the third parameter 'beta' in the way, that
  mean=alpha*beta, but ODFF draft spec used the third
  parameter 'lambda' in the way that mean=alpha/lambda.
  - Added that, similar to COUNTIFS() and AVERAGEIFS().
  - Put all 3 in group Large.
  - Currencies are ignore-case.
  - If FROM and TO are equal, the value is returned, no
    precision or triangulation applied.
- DAYS360() algorithm.

David King's (many thanks!) remarks on the TC's comments
- DATE() day and month may roll over.
- EOMONTH() parameter MonthAdd is Integer.
- LEN() Number is converted to Text.
- Cross references for LEFT, LEN, MID, RIGHT.
- PERMUT() formula corrected.
- PERMUTATIONA() formula added.
- GROWTH() changed misleading allowOffset to allowConstant.
- HARMEAN() clarified meaning of N as sequence.
- INDEX() clarified some wording.
- STDEVA() calculates (not estimates) the standard
- RANK() typo in Order (descending vs. ascending), Value
  must exist in Data.
- SHEETS() typo, clarified test case description and added
  test case for multiple sheets in reference.
- 3.2 Non-Scalar evaluation: changed 1.2) and 1.3) to
- 3.2 Non-Scalar evaluation: corrected return value of, #N/A => #VALUE!
- B() added "inclusive" to between S and S2.
  - Changed parameter names to common names x,r,p.
  - Corrected test case result.
- GAUSS() use NORMDIST instead of NORMSDIST, which would had
- LEGACY.NORMSDIST() is NORMDIST(x;0;1;TRUE()) instead of
- LOGNORMDIST() made syntax read LOGNORMDIST instead of
- POISSON() x is Integer.
- FORECAST() corrected order of parameters data_y,data_x.
- MATCH() explicitly return #N/A error if no value was
- Spelling, replaced Macauley with Macaulay.
- PERCENTRANK() much better semantic description.
- CONVERT() clarified on unit prefix, (km)^2 vs. k(m^2).

 -- Mr. Eike Rathke

The document revision named OpenDocument Formula Specification 2008-12-21
(ODT) (OpenDocument-formula-20081221.odt) has been submitted by Mr. Eike
Rathke to the OpenDocument - Formula document repository.  This document is
revision #71 of openformula-spec-20060221.odt.

Document Description:
OpenFormula is an open format for exchanging recalculated formulas between
office application implementations, particularly for spreadsheets.
OpenFormula defines the types, syntax, and semantics for calculated
formulas, including many predefined functions and operations, so that
formulas can be exchanged between applications and produce substantively
equal outputs when recalculated with equal inputs. Both closed and open
source software can implement OpenFormula.

OpenFormula is intended to be a supporting document to the Open Document
Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) format, particularly for
defining its attributes table:formula and text:formula. It can be used in
other circumstances where a simple, easy-to-read infix notation is desired
for exchanging recalculated formulas.

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This document is revision #71 of openformula-spec-20060221.odt.  The
document details page referenced above will show the complete revision

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