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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Objectives for OpenFormula


David A. Wheeler wrote:
> Patrick Durusau wrote:
>> I sense that the OpenFormula draft is attempting to define conforming 
>> applications separate and apart from conformance to the expressions, 
>> operators/functions that it does define.
> That wasn't _my_ intention.  However, I did intentionally separate the 
> notion of conforming _applications_ from conforming _documents_. 
> Perhaps that's the cause of your concern?
I suspect so because I would model conformance as meeting the 
requirements of OpenFormula by some parts of a document and the measure 
of a conforming application being that it meets the requirements for 
processing those parts of a document. In other words, it would not be 
meaningful to speak of a conforming application in the absence of 
OpenFormula conforming expressions, etc. That an application in general 
supports strings of X length is neither here nor there, unless we are 
talking about that in the context of OpenFormula expressions.
>> If that is acceptable, there are some fairly immediate consequences 
>> for the current formula draft:
>> 1. All references to applications/implementations are removed 
>> (conformance statements for applications can still occur in the 
>> conformance chapter)
> I'm concerned that this might create additional unintended 
> requirements on documents.
> Though I'll be honest, I'm having a little trouble visualizing what 
> this would look like.
> Can you point to one specific example and what you'd change it to?  
> That might help me understand the proposal better.
Sure. I will post an example or two that start with the text as it 
exists now, with change tracking on a rough cut at how I would change it 
and then a clean copy.
Caveat: I am sure that the changes will leave out information that must 
be inserted elsewhere so read with the understanding that omitted 
material isn't necessarily gone but simply would be moved to more 
appropriate (in my view) locations.

Hope you are having a great day!


> --- David A. Wheeler
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Patrick Durusau 
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