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Subject: [office-formula] 6.9.17 TIMEVALUE

I've been looking at the definition of the TIMEVALUE function, and one of the test cases appears to conflict with the text.

Given the following text:

"If the text of T has a combined date and time format, e.g. YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS, the fractional part of the date serial number is returned. If the text of T does not have a time format, an implementation may attempt to convert the number another way (e.g., using VALUE), or it may return an error (this is implementation-dependent). "

and the last test case:

        =TIMEVALUE("1999-11-22 06:05:07")=TIME(6;5;7)    (Result=True)

The first sentence indicates that when the string contains a combined date and time, that the time should be returned which seems to match with the test case.  The second sentence however seems to indicate that an implementation can attempt to convert it in a different way, which I would interpret as returning the date and time (whole and fractional part of the number) or an error.  Was this the intent?

For reference, both Excel and Calc currently fail the above test case.


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