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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Definition of Test case levels

Eike Rathke wrote:
> Anyone objecting that I remove them
> during my next editing cycle to prevent further confusion?

Please _do_ remove the "level" column.  We had agreed to do this 
earlier, but since the tests will not be in the final formal spec 
anyway, I haven't had much incentive to get around to it.

All: Please remember that all the tests will NOT be in the final 
official spec; all the tests are hidden text.  In my opinion, that's a 
mistake; executable tests are a great boon for understanding a spec, and 
for doing a "quick check" that an implementation is "getting it right". 
  But I was overruled.  It's my hope that the specification + the tests 
would be released as an "annotated version", and I think a lot of people 
think that's a reasonable idea, though no one's committed to that.

In any case, correcting tests is still valuable as we review the spec. 
Any inconsistencies between test and the main spec text suggests that 
one of the two is wrong - and sometimes it's the spec!

--- David A. Wheeler

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