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Subject: Re: [office-formula] workflow for OpenFormula drafts

> Eric Patterson wrote:
>> It has been quiet in this list since the meeting last month.  What is 
>> the planned workflow for addressing the open issues in the draft?  Do 
>> we have a list of issues that need to be resolved and a timeline for 
>> doing so?  On a previous OpenDocument TC Call, there was discussion 
>> about not including OpenFormula in the first public draft of 
>> OpenDocument to allow the committees to continue to make progress 
>> during the review period.  Is that still the plan?

Patrick Durusau wrote:
> Speaking unofficially but yes, that is my understanding. It has been too 
> distracting trying to jump from part 1 to the formula material and back, 
> at least for me. My understanding is that we are going to try to close 
> out as many issues as possible on part 1, send it out for public review 
> and then start to bear down on part 2.
> David (Wheeler): Can you comment on an issues list? I know there have 
> been a number of posts to the comment list.

The _key_ issue at this point is dealing with the date-system issues, as 
has been previous discussed.

I've chatted with Rob Weir about possibly using Jira as an issue 
tracker.  Obviously, mailing lists don't make the best issue trackers, 
and while Wikis _can_ do the job, they're not specially suited for it. 
If anyone has a pro/con on that idea, please let everyone know via the 
office-formula mailing list.

Hope that helps...!

--- David A. Wheeler

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