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Subject: Re: (fwd) Should OpenFormula BASE() and DECIMAL() definitions listcharacter set?

robert_weir wrote:
> I'm cc'ing David Wheeler, who is chair of the formula subcommittee, and 
> Eike Rathke, who is editing OpenFormula (or at least will when he returns 
> from vacation).
> In any case, I agree with your observation, that the range 'A'-'Z', 
> without stating an encoding is locale-dependent and this is a problem we 
> need to fix.
> I suggest we explicitly state, in the introduction to the specification, 
> that all string and character literals in OpenFormula are in the value 
> space defined by Unicode.  Then we can refer unambiguously to U+0041 ('A') 
> through U+005A ('Z') and U+0030 ('0') through U+0039 ('9').

Great solution.  Any objections?  I think we should do this.

--- David A. Wheeler

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