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Subject: RE: [office-formula] Calculation Settings

On Fri, 2009-05-15 at 18:01 +0000, Eric Patterson wrote:

> - Table:null-date represents a date.  Are conforming applications required to support any possible value for this setting?
> I believe that settings that are most portable and produce the best interoperability to be:

>         table:null-date ="1899-12-30"

The more times I read the 1.2 draft the less I understand how this is
useful at all. 

How often are users going to use the date "0"? 

There may be an implicit assumption that the number 100 represents a
date 100 days after the null-date but
(a) I don't see that stated anywhere
(b) Not all current spreadsheet programs fulfil this assumption.

There is some specification relating to this in the openformula draft
(4.2.2) but that seems to be restricted to formulas from that name
space. Even in the draft, applications are allowed to reproduce the
"1900 is calculated as a leap year" situation. Since we don't have a
calulation setting reflecting that, table:the null-date only tells us
something about the date->number conversion in OpenFormula for the date
range from the null-date until 1900/2/28 unless the null date is after

Andreas J. Guelzow, PhD, FTICA
Coordinator, Mathematical & Computing Sciences
Concordia University College of Alberta

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