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Subject: OpenFormula JIRA processing

In our last teleconference, we agreed in principle to a process for handling OpenFormula comments.  However, we weren't specific on exactly what values to set in JIRA, and it's important we all do things the same way.  So here's a proposed process, which is intended to be a refinement of what we discussed earlier (my thanks to Robert Weir for getting this together).

Comment processing process for OpenFormula, using JIRA:
* Issues start in the "New" state.
* If the SC agrees to address an issue, it is moved to the Open state and
assigned to a volunteer to resolve. That person becomes the "assignee" of
a comment. (This may happen during the alternate-week teleconference).
That person examines the issue, and adds comments on the JIRA comment.
* When the assignee determines a proposed resolution, they enter mark the
issue as "Resolved" in JIRA and indicate their proposed resolution in the
"resolution" field.
* In the next alternate-week teleconference, OpenFormula JIRA issues
marked as "Resolved" are briefly discussed, to see if anyone objects to
the resolution. If accepted (no objections), the JIRA issue will have a
* However, if anyone objects (including an editor in the process of
adding), then the comment is returned to the Open state in JIRA;
discussions take place *via JIRA comments*, trying to resolve issue. If
that can't be done, bring back to teleconference for longer discussion.
* An editor processes each of the accepted resolutions, and adds them to
the draft. Once added, these issues are marked as "Applied" in JIRA.
* Periodically, the SC will nominate a draft to the ODF TC for a vote as a
Committee Draft.  We do NOT need to resolve everything, but we need to have resolved the "important things".

--- David A. Wheeler 

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