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Subject: RE: [office-formula] Separation of concerns - Chapter 4

Another way to deal with this is to define in OpenFormula Chapter 4 or
elsewhere a set of parameters (not OpenDocument attribute values) that
establish the (dynamic) environment for the semantics of a given OpenFormula
formula occurrence and its evaluation. 

In ODF 1.2 Part 1, there needs to be some statement of how those parameters
on which OpenFormula depends are determined in the case of an OpenFormula
occurrence (e.g., from some attribute, global setting, other characteristics
of a table cell, or simply specified in the Part 1 spec as a fixed case for
all ODF 1.2 documents).  This may vary for each different way an OpenFormula
formula can occur in and ODF document.  (There is more than just
table:formula in a <table:table-cell>.)

I see this as a powerful step to take, because by making OpenFormula as
orthogonal to ODF as we can (that is, separating the concerns), the rigor of
its use in ODF will be much-improved. 

 - Dennis

PS: I don't think this will tell us much about portability, and we should
not collapse the two.  Portability has more than one level of concern and it
is not clear what sort of conformance clause in ODF 1.2 Part 1 would work
against any sort of portability target in ODF 1.2 Part 2.  Best to wrestle
with that separately.

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Subject: [office-formula] Separation of concerns - Chapter 4


So, if we are going to separate out the concerns of parts 1 and 2 as 
documents and formulas respectively, may I assume that all the 
statements in chapter 4 about OpenDocument attribute values and their 
meanings simply goes away?

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