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Subject: RE: [office-formula] Portable "documents" - base targets

It occured to me that there are three targets, not just conforming formula
and conforming formula evaluator.  There are also conditions that apply to
formula producers where something may need to be implementation-defined
(e.g., registration of an extension to the set of functions used in a
produced formula).  I'm guessing there are cases of producer variability for
which there may be normative provisions to be made around consumer
(evaluator) behavior and we'll need a way to speak of it.  

I would be surprised if portability, however enshrined in the OpenFormula
specification, failed to straddle those three aspects.

 - Dennis 

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Subject: Re: [office-formula] Portable "documents"

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So we start with two conformance targets:  formulas and formula 
processors.  Part 2 defines requirements and recommendations (shall's and 
should's) for these two conformance targets.

There are then a set of additional requirements and recommendations that 
pertain to "portable documents".  So on the face, this sounds like a 
conformance class.  Certainly there are exceptions, where the portable 
document constraint is constraining user behavior, but for the most part 
these seem like coherent requirements, or can easily be rewritten to be 

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