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Subject: Summary of 2009-12-22 teleconference

Summary of 2009-12-22 teleconference
by David A. Wheeler
(mistakes are my own, please reply-all)

Present: Eric P., Eike, Andreas G., Dennis H., Patrick D., David W.

Patrick just posted a proposed update.
* Lots of tiny grammatical changes, e.g., the use of the definite article.
* Removed duplicative comments, e.g., in "Multiplication" it noted that
  logical values will be converted to number, but this is already explicitly
  stated in "Convert to Number".
* Added text saying "anchor:"... for Michael's scripts.
* When comparing LEFTB, LENB, etc., to MIDB, the prose is inconsistent.
   Some it says "returns extracted text" (correct)... others say "return",
   and should be "returns".
* In IMARGUMENT, removed "the"... there isn't *a* single complex number
* Created the "portability note" style, to mark all portability material.  That'll make them easier to search for, etc.
* Everything is renumbered.  In particular, the conformance clause has been moved to the end to meet with OASIS rules.
* Patrick removed the text in the financial section explaining "Annuity" (text from Rob).  Patrick thinks we need to not repeat terms.
* Long discussion about inconsistent definitions.  The issue seems to be focused in the financial section.  Patrick proposed creating a list in the general section for main terms (cost, etc.), and make hyperlinks for each entry.  Then, in the functions, insert cross-references to them.  After discussion, Patrick proposed creating a table that lists key terms and definitions for the financial functions (by going through all financial functions and identifying terms).

Patrick will be working this week on evaluators, etc.  He'll file non-obvious stuff with JIRA.

COUNTIF:  Patrick removed a note that others thought was important.  Clearly this function doesn't explain criteria sufficiently.  Rather than delete the note, this text should be extended.

Note:Singular of "criteria" is "criterion".

Next formula JIRA meeting: 2 weeks from today, Jan 5., 10am EST.

--- David A. Wheeler 

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