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Subject: Summary 2010-01-05 openformula JIRA meeting

Here is a summary of the 2010-01-05 openformula JIRA meeting

 Michael B.
 Dennis H.
 Rob Weir
 Eike R.
 Eric P.
 Hideki Hura (Just Systems)

There are several unassigned issues, so the group walked through all of the
unassigned issues that are "Blocker" or "Major".  We discussed each, and
assigned each to someone.

The mathematical descriptions should be sufficiently clear so that if
you replaced the parameter names with A,B,C,... and the function name to FOO,
it would produce the same result.  This would be helpful for review.
However, doing that in the spec itself would be confusing to readers, so
this is only a way to *review* the functions.

To hurry things up, we will start meeting weekly for a little while;
we want to be done at the end of January.
We will also switch to meeting 1 hour later, so that our meetings won't conflict
with others.  This means that our next JIRA meeting
is January 12, 11am-noon EST.
(Rob Weir: Please change the teleconference times so we can do this!).

--- David A. Wheeler 

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