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Subject: Re: [office-formula] office-2246

On Wed, 2010-01-06 at 15:38 +0100, Eike Rathke wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> On Wednesday, 2010-01-06 04:39:36 -0500, Patrick Durusau wrote:
> >> Well, both Openoffice and Gnumeric require equality (probably subject to
> >> some plus/minus epsilon). We could say that SUM(/Probability/) = 1 must
> >> evaluate to true.
> > OK, does anyone have a problem with that change?
> No, fine with me.

That's fine with me too. Nevertheless I wonder whether this is specific
to PROB. There must be other functions where we also compare equality
with a number. Shouldn't this interpretation apply to all of those, so
should be placed elsewhere in the document.

1) DB has the constraint month < 13. Since month is a Number (not
necessarily Integer) this is subject to rounding issue.
2) MATCH with MatchType == 0, finds "the first value that is equal
to /Search/" This has again te same rounding issue
3) ACOS has the constraint -1.0 <= N <= 1.0 also has this rounding
4) ACOSH...
5) ASIN...

Andreas J. Guelzow, PhD, FTICA
Mathematical & Computing Sciences
Concordia University College of Alberta

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