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Subject: Summary of 2010-01-12 office-formula JIRA teleconference

Summary of 2010-01-12 office-formula JIRA teleconference

This is a summary of the 2010-01-12 meeting to discuss openformula (office-formula) issues.
A quick summary of our comment state is here:

The next teleconference will be on 2010-01-19, 11am EST.

David A. Wheeler
Eike Rathke
Eric Patterson
Rob Weir
Dennis Hamilton
Michael B.
Patrick D.
Andreas G.
Hideki Hiura

Rob Weir split up a single issue into a number of smaller issues; the hope is that we can divide and conquer.

Andreas G. will take the assignment of those issues derived from OFFICE-1132: OFFICE-2287, OFFICE-2288, OFFICE-2289, OFFICE-2290,
OFFICE-2291, OFFICE-2292, OFFICE-2293, OFFICE-2294,
OFFICE-2295, OFFICE-2296 , OFFICE-2297, OFFICE-2298,
OFFICE-2299, OFFICE-2300.

Wheeler picked up OFFICE-580, related to DAYS().

Weir picked up financial functions OFFICE-1054 (Rob: Look at NPV as well),
OFFICE-1095, OFFICE-1099, OFFICE-1102, OFFICE-1103, OFFICE-1104,
OFFICE-2225, OFFICE-2226.

Patrick picked up OFFICE-2250, OFFICE-2253.

We also discussed the challenges in defining some of the functions that
are ill-defined elsewhere.  Michael B. noted that if we can't get them well-defined,
then perhaps we should drop them from this version of the specification.
In a few weeks' time, the time may have come to move it to another time.

Eric P. will look through the unassigned "test case" list to see if there's any definitions
that aren't sufficiently precise.

Wheeler concluded with an appeal to PLEASE work off your assigned items, ASAP.

--- David A. Wheeler 

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